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The Book

Unmasking the 666

The ancient letter known as the Book of Revelation was never about doomsday or a Roman emperor. It was about revealing a critical truth that had to be concealed in metaphors and symbolism to protect it from the ruthless religious laws that were being used to eradicate or alter the teachings of Jesus during the persecutions of the first century.

By unveiling the true meaning behind the number 666, When the Thunders Speak uncovers a remarkable untold story of Christianity and unmasks the influential religious figure, referred to as the false prophet or the second beast, who became the major obstacle for the early followers of Jesus and who continues to thwart his teachings to this very day.

With serious implications for our current doctrinal beliefs, the book explains how the letter of Revelation conveys a profound truth that rectifies 2,000 years of flawed theology, restores the original splendor of the teachings of Jesus, and exposes the ancient writings that were repudiated by him, many of which are still considered sacred by a large number of believers--a fact that makes the Book of Revelation especially relevant for today’s understanding as it unearths a transcendental message that had been buried by the religious intolerance of antiquity, which managed to keep it hidden until now.

When the Thunders Speak reveals truths that will shake an entire belief system, and through valuable teachings that have overcome all kinds of adversities, the book lays the foundation for a more sound and real spirituality based on discernment, philosophical reasoning, and continuous spiritual growth and experience

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